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*self immolates*
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Anonymous whispered: that's the thing i love the content except for that one little thing i kindly asked you to tag that you forget every other day to tag cries

I do tag vpretty! im sorry i might forget it sometimes but if its too much that im forgetful sometimes im okay with the unfollow

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the game is evolving too quickly
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lmao i lost 3 followers eat shit

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tbh if i was genderfluid i just couldnt pull off anything feminine i am like 100% masculine looking there is nothing feminine about me

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i wish i could understand those “u ever love someone so much u just look at someone and ur like ily” bc ive never legit had that kind of love w someone like ive liked ppl a lot and i love my family but u know what i mean idk im bitter n cold lmao

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Daily reminders about Erwin Smith (just things I see that go forgotten):

  • He is not at all egotistic, regardless of the power his position holds.
  • He devised a formation on his own with the intention of saving lives.
  • He is wiling to sacrifice himself if need be and he accepts he is as replaceable as his men.
  • He used his gear with one hand.
  • Lasted an entire day with a fatal injury, only passing out once his men reached the wall safely.
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